What I can do for you:


Transform an original English (French, Italian) material into perfectly clear, idiomatic, native sounding Russian. 



Review a previously translated material against the original English (French, Italian) text with the goal of providing suggestions and feedback on the accuracy of rendering the meaning, tone and nuances of the original message, as well as grammar, spelling and puctuation of the target (Russian) text. 



Provide final corrections of a previously translated and edited Russian text for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Please note that proofreading does not include in-depth analysis of the original text in order to verify that its message, tone and nuances have been rendered correctly. 


Subtitle videos

Translate a prepared (time-coded) on-screen dialogue, while taking into account cultural nuances and idiomaticity of both the original and Russian languages in order to achieve maximum effect with the Russian-speaking audience. 

* Please contact me to further discuss your preferred file

handling method and/or software.


Adapt script for dubbing (lip-synching)

Translate and adapt on-screen dialogue with the purpose of further dubbing, i.e. matching syllables in such a way that the characters will appear to speak Russian in the dubbed (voice-overed) version of the film. 


Test software and websites

Review localized software and websites with the purpose of providing linguistic feedback on correct translation and placement of elements (text, strings, buttons, image captions, etc.) and functionality of the localized version. 


Cultural consulting

Help you better understand the specifics of Russian culture to help your product, idea or film have the most positive impact with your Russian speaking customers or audiences, by ensuring that your product name sounds appropriate to the consumer, transposing cultural references in your message, or helping you avoid cultural and language blunders in your multi-million dollar film (trust me, they happen all the time!)


Consecutive interpreting

Help you overcome language and culture barriers during your business meetings, negotiations, training sessions, or partner visits, in order to promote understanding and relationship building between English and Russian speaking parties.



Q: What kind of service do I need?


A: If you have never worked with a translator or interpreter before, you may not know exactly what kind of service you need and how it all works. To receive a free consultation about your Russian language services needs, please contact me.


In addition, the following publications developed by the American Translators Association for language services buyers are aimed at reducing stress when buying translation and helping you get the most out of your translation budget.

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