Let me ask you something...

Do you love your clients? Do you want to win new clients? Do you want to send them a beautiful, clear message about your amazing products and services, even if you don’t speak their language?


Of course, you do.


With estimated 170 million Russian speakers in the world (over 800 000 of them in the US alone!) that’s a lot of potential clients!


Let me take your message about your products and services, your new film, your patient outreach material or your customer satisfaction survey and bring them to your existing and potential clients and audiences in a perfectly clear Russian. And they won’t even know that you don’t speak their language. They will think you wrote it specifically for them. *


Now, that’s a way to love your clients! 


To help you reach your goals with your Russian speaking clients, I provide laguage and culture related services in the following language combinations:


English > Russian

French > Russian

Italian > Russian


I specialize in the following areas:

  • Subtitles and Dubbing: translation of subtitles for feature and documentary films, educational, promotional, and corporate video, and script translation and adaption for dubbing (lip-synching)
  • Advertising and Marketing: promotional materials, marketing plans, consumer surveys, employee training materials
  • International Non-Profit Organization: humanitarian assistance and development reports, annual reports, and grant proposals
  • Healthcare: patient brochures and surveys for clinical trials, pharmaceutical surveys, medical interpreting


And because I love my clients, too, I guarantee you excellent service, courteous communication and confidentiality. 


* If you are looking for a translator who works in other language combinations or areas of expertise, please refer to the American Translators Association website: atanet.org, 
  or contact me and I may be able to recommed a colleague whose language and subject area expertise suit your language needs. 


I look forward to working with you!


Contact Me Today!

Svetlana Beloshapkina


Tel: +1 619 495 3889 +1 619 495 3889

E-mail: svetlana @ beloshapkina.com 

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